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KEIN Bayern-Transfer für Florian WIRTZ?! Leroy SANE gibt ABSAGE an TOPKLUB!

Florian Wirtz wird aller Voraussicht nach eines der heißesten Transferthemen in diesem Sommer – aber kein Thema beim FC Bayern? Alles dazu gleich! Zudem scheint Leroy Sane die weichen zustellen um längerfristig beim FC Bayern zu bleiben! Zudem das große Verletzungsupdate zu Kimmich & Upamecano!
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01:27 Topklubs jagen Florian Wirtz
04:36 Sane vor Bayern-Verlängerung
06:30 Verletzungsupdate zu Kimmich & Upamecano



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That last run by Sané … 😮‍💨

Leroy Sané’s shot feints are now well known and feared – because they are nevertheless almost impossible to defend. #shorts

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"It was supposed to go to Sadio!" | Leroy Sané comments on his Champions League goals 2022/23

One against all! Leroy Sané showed his best form in the Champions League group stage, scoring against each of our group opponents, one more beautiful than the other. Which goal is your favorite?

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Published on: 14th Feb 2023
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PSG is home to Bayern Munich in a huge tactical battle of two great managers. What lineup would both teams employ? Will Mbappe be fit to start this game? How will Messi affect this match? Bayern has big players to make a difference but what would be the starting XI? Everything depends upon which players both sets of managers choose.

Watch the full video to find out.
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Bayern Munich mùa tới | Troll Bóng Đá #shorts

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Bayern Munich mùa tới | Troll Bóng Đá #shorts

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Inter 0 – 2 Bayern: Sự TỆ HẠI của hàng thủ Inter và NIỀM CẢM HỨNG Leroy Sane

Inter 0 – 2 Bayern: Sự TỆ HẠI của hàng thủ Inter và NIỀM CẢM HỨNG Leroy Sane
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Sane goal vs Hertha | Hertha vs Bayern Munich

Sane goal vs Hertha | Hertha vs Bayern Munich

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