Kane & Sane Masterclass! Bayern Munich 4-2 Heidenheim Reaction

Bayern Munich’s Harry Kane and Leroy Sane took Heidenheim defenders back to school

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18 comentarios en “Kane & Sane Masterclass! Bayern Munich 4-2 Heidenheim Reaction

  1. Ed Leifer

    George love the show and keep up the good work. just an fyi for the future in German you always pronounce the second vowel in the word. So for instance in Heidenheim you pronounce/emphasize the I in the first two vowels and the last two vowels.


    Hey Bayern Now, Who is the CDM player should Bayern sign in this winter??
    Mats Wieffer
    João Palinha
    Boubacar Kamara
    Bruno Guimaraes

  3. Giwrgos Petrou

    F Gnabry,sell him and start that kid Tel. Tel is always F happy when Kane scores a goal ,i ve seen his celebrations. Definitely they ll work together 💯💯💯

  4. Hamza Rashid Bhatti

    People blaming Kim are so stupid, man went thru military service, moved club, barely had preseason, has played 90 minutes nearly all of the games… he is human, not a machine, he will make mistakes

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