1. Matthew Su

    The most dramatic title race ever in the Bundesliga! Dortmund wasted a penalty and did it themselves to lose an almost-gotten title! 😅😅😅

  2. MR Saltytea

    Mainz did fought good tho and yes as a bvb fan i gotta be honest we didnt. We didnt play until the 70th minute way to late if we just came back in the 45th minute we might had won it.

  3. The Siroverse

    Even as a Bayern Fan, i was completly shocked on how tf Dortmund bottled it. I didn't celebrate long, in fact I stayed at Home and tried to cheer Dortmund Fans up, like my Friend or one of my Sisters. I just felt bad for them

    I celebrated a Day after

  4. Elias A. Haugen

    Its allways Bayern who wins the Bundesliga its not Even fun to watch i want Dortmund to win it the Bundesliga is Just a farmers league its only Bayern who wins the Bundesliga title

  5. zImEase

    As a bayern fan I can say we are just better and Tuchel wanted Dortmund to win because he was once Dortmund trainer but Musiala was just too good for Tuchel

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