Tel Saves Bayern Again! Copenhagen 1-2 Bayern Munich Reaction

Mathys Tel came off the bench once again to deliver a last-minute win for Bayern

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23 comentarios en “Tel Saves Bayern Again! Copenhagen 1-2 Bayern Munich Reaction

  1. Giwrgos Petrou

    TT isnt good… i am a fan since 1998,i am 33 years old and this Bayern of the last 2 years,is sooo F toothless. We exude ZERO confidence and killer instinct 👍

  2. Suroj Paul

    Tell me what kind of f*cking press we are applying on the opponents that they easily bypass that press with smooth transition till our final third,, no one, no one is try to disrupt their gameplan

  3. _king

    Even though davies could leave the club next summer he needs to earn his contract extension by showing something on the pitch and also tell his agent to shut tf up. You can't play shit and want a good contract. Given that almost all the left backs are from academy, they could easily sell him and bring in kraitzig whom I believe can perform better.

  4. Chris Abe

    The talk about who we used to have in midfield was sooooo true !!! Imagine ! Effenberg – Matthäus – Schweinsteiger – Thiago – Alonso – Scholl – Ballack – …. Laimer 😅😅😅

  5. Obin Wilfried

    I think we should try and go for Thiago In January cause Liverpool doesn't give him much playing time so he may be tempted by it

  6. Samuel Sackey

    U are one of the people who kill player slow u did the same to Mani any some of the player too again stupid now u are saying

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