They sacked Julian Nagelsmann & hired Thomas Tuchel, DISGRACE!

This is why Bayern Munich won’t win the Champions League or Bundesliga…

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  1. Louis Dittfeld

    As a Bayern fan I really feel bad for Nagelsmann and I would have never sacked him one week before the big game and right before man city I would have given him those last chances to prove that he can make his team performe everytime not only sometimes. But if you consider that Tuchel was available he has way more experience in everything and proved in many places he can win Titels and big games than I can understand the decision. It was a tough one and one that no one wanted to take but if you wanna win everything you have to take big risks ….

  2. John Lau

    Look at the Bayern form in Bundesliga since the World Cup ended. I mean is an absolute joke. Bayern were expected to run away with the league not close title fight

  3. ThunderCrackerFireworks

    As a Bayern Fan I think it is the right decision. They played inconstant and some games are absolute bad. That was enough for Bayern. That is why they are so successful. Because they react immediatly when they see that something goes wrong. It is a hard decision but the right one

  4. William

    If Bayern are finished, what do you say about a club like Liverpool? Both are on the opposite side of long term team management. Liverpool spends much more over the past decade and runs their team into the ground.


    As for players not developing under nagelsmann, that's just stupid. Leon goretzka has become one of bayern's key players. Leroy sane had a revival but he still drops dead sometitmes😅 Lewa had to go as over dependance on one player will lead to disaster. He was 35 and is bound to retire soon. Same for neuer.

  6. Finn Ole Perlick

    common L once again for thogden when it comes to predicting bayern.
    was very harsh to sack nagelsmann especially the way it happened but i have absolutely no doubt they will beat dortmund with ease.

  7. Sebasmana

    They are finished truly… finished at the top of the league 😂😂😂😂 the coachs are okay, but Bayern’s team is more than the manager. The players are ready for Tuchel. It really shows you are american and know no ball…


    Thogden if U say that J. Nagelsmann is a Manager who doesen't listen or take orders from the bosses. Ok well but U know for what exactly our new coach T. Tuchel is famous for after some times and specially when the new season starts ;)? Check it in Mainz, Dortmund, PSG and Chelsea :D…Same signature but U could he always wanted the best for his players and the club always has other ideas and he doesn't like and leave..!

  9. TI-30X

    what he is talking about… which coach in bundesliga survived more than 5 years… he says 10-15 years wtf man do your reasearch and watch the game vs dormund

  10. mick Zed

    You have maybe the deepest list in the world and keep stumbling in the BL. So the proven manager that beat Manchester oil in CL final becomes available……a no brainer move with a winning mentality. THATS BAYERN! In a year or three Klopp will get the gig. Just normal stuff at super successful Bayern

  11. 94djanek

    You Love or hate Bayern. There isnt much between because of behaviour, scandals, emotions. Bayern dosnt want to be "only" good and Fans dont Support if they lose. Bayern Put much pressure on people and i Know why i hate them

  12. Kata

    Tbh as soon as i Heard about it i was shocked and all was i saying IS why but now After some Time i agréé thé timing IS kinda Bad but tuchel will not bé available in summer so yea thats thé plan

  13. SW

    Footballs mad these days, but beating PSG should be considered a given their bench alone has more talent than PSGs def and mid, and for the talent they have their league form has been atrocious.

  14. Florian

    As a real bayern fan, i Think it was the right thing. I the lack of inconsistent is hard and i was last year in at the bayern vs Villarreal. It was a very hard but i Think with nagelsmann with we wouldnt won against city. Nagelsmann shout himself in the leg, because he has a Big ego and didnt have the sqaud behind him anymore

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