Barcelona ELIMINATED from Champions League by Bayern Munich FULL REACTION | ESPN FC

ESPN FC reacts to Barcelona’s 3-0 loss to Bayern Munich and discuss Barca’s elimination from the Champions League.

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31 comentarios en “Barcelona ELIMINATED from Champions League by Bayern Munich FULL REACTION | ESPN FC

  1. madra000

    i think Brcas emphasis on technique is being countered with bayerns technique. They lost but it wasn't bad, I think their success rate will never be the same unless they restore this advantage. Their strong suit is being challenged if it goes they can't be as reliable.

  2. transformex2011

    Bayern delivering some justice against this corrupt team on behalf of Chelsea 2009 and PSG 2017, except Bayern did't use corruption to do it.

  3. Tymko C

    Dembele has been terrible in all the key Barca CL matches and in the domestic league as of late too. He's become selfish. Doesn't pass/cross to Lewandowski almost at all, instead looking to score himself and wasting chance after chance, over-dribbling and giving the ball away. I highly recommend transferring him away asap! Start Fati – the youngster gets the concept of TEAM first and is highly talented himself. Get Lozano from Napoli (of course impossible I guess) and get rid of Dembele!

  4. Debopratim Bhattacharya

    BAYERN vs BARCA performance Year by Year 2013 ( 7-0 ) 2015 ( 3-5 ) 2020 ( 8-2 ) 2021 ( 7-0 ) 2022 ( 5-0 ) Topic is Over👊

  5. AJ Gaming And Sports

    where is de jong now who rejected man United for not playing in champions see Barcelona is in europa league with man United..karma

  6. Anas Wardi

    “I want to play a team that plays champions league” “I am in the best team in the world”. Someone was saying all along this summer, ironically.

  7. Bing Chiu Yuen

    Did you guys still insist that F. de Jong would be much helpful if he signed for MU? Or is he much better than C. Eriksen?

  8. Adeleye Adetoye

    De jong didn't want to come to utd becos he wants to stay at barca and play champions league, now he has dropped to uel and meet united there, he will loose and then wonder why he never moved

  9. jamal dbeski

    When the big players at Barcelona have gone it was expected to see Barcelona decline.This is a period of building a team from scratch. Barcelona need time to go back where they once were.

  10. Alexander Spivey

    Don’t be to hard on Barca. Bayern does this to everyone in UCL quarterfinals and beforehand. Bayern get shaky Semi’s and beyond but are still very dangerous year in year out

  11. Levine Akampa

    Sit down Ale.

    Barca is progressing. For a squad they had last season, Barca did well, theh finished 2nd and saved a weird season. Xavi hasn't even been here full season, give the man some time. Clearly CL is a hard one. Pep has a superior squad but couldn't win are Dortmund. You people need to calm down.

  12. Kiing_TChalla ⭐

    Simply put. Barcelona never had an answer for big teams since the real creative players left. Messi. Ronaldinho. Xavi. Iniesta. The over rated youths cannot deliver

  13. Dagoberto Mira

    Barca fans and press needs to accept these realities:
    Xavi has no resume to be qualify to the 2nd round of Champions
    Guardiola is not going to happen again, they desperately need an experience manager if they do not want to wait Xavi's evolution
    Dembele needs to be sold, they can get some cash right now. In tough games, he takes the worst decisions
    Gavi, Pedri and Fati can't be your star players if they are only 18 years old
    The style of play is obsolete, they need wins, they have fast players but they are useless in Xavi's system. Win some tough games, build confidence with these young players and then try to play a style, embarrassment after embarrassment is just going to make these young players worst

  14. Krishan Vaish

    point I wanna make not all barca fans are like that you are trynna make most of fans are delusional who thinks we are still the best

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