3 REASONS Why Sadio Mane has LEFT Liverpool for Bayern Munich

Why do you think #mane is leaving #liverpool ?

0:00 – Contract Breakdown
1:00 – How does Mane feel?
2:45 – Onto the next?

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24 comentarios en “3 REASONS Why Sadio Mane has LEFT Liverpool for Bayern Munich

  1. wire£££currency

    He made the money then they can't give him ….better choice…now they can see….. Liverpool won't be close this year….they gonna get 5-0 very soon and the flop of Salah is done ✅

  2. Si Davies

    Salah is the 4th highest shirt seller, plus covid happened hence no 100 goal celebrating, he also had great goalscoring bonuses on top of that wage..

  3. lieo SAM

    Answer to your question if salah win the Afcon ,he will not celebrate. And by the way the Egyptian cheers for Senegal and Mane when they played in Egypt but as you know and seen what happen to mo salah in Senegal ,i think every body know how he get treat it bad .Also exactly like Barcelona if you have messi and neymar who you will get ride off ,ofc neymar .Liverpool can't get raid of salah because he is the main man ,Salah number speak for it self

  4. Peter Brain

    No body is bigger than a family, and no Player is bigger than a team, but Sometimes there is that one Person who tries so much for everyone but is not appreciated for who or whatever he represents but when he leaves, he will be greatly missed and regrets starts piling up as to why he was not appreciated or Respected..But unfortunately it becomes too late and they see him succeeding in his new environment and can only wish their actions was different initially.
    I hope they have realised how big a mistake it was to allow him leave because of Salah.

  5. The liverbird

    Ima Liverpool fan and I wish Bayern and Liverpool meet so he can show them they were wrong for not valuing him at the club it’s a shame really

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