Bayern Munich vs Barcelona 0-2 – All Goals [Audi Cup 2011]

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona 0-2 – All Goals [Audi Cup 2011]

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43 comentarios en “Bayern Munich vs Barcelona 0-2 – All Goals [Audi Cup 2011]

  1. chrism216

    thats the beauty of barca.
    ANYONE in their team can drill your net twice or three times in one game, not just messi of villa.

  2. Johnny Lachs

    @GhostfaceKillerr1 jep cause real plays even unfair against barca the tackle better players like messi
    or alves too hard in my opinion.

  3. Osama Abdelrahman

    Cesc is necessary to fill the space of Xavi in Barca
    Barca doesn't need a midfield player, they need a midfield leader, someone how can act like Xavi and better than Iniesta

  4. ProjektFender

    that awkward moment when people are hating on real madrid when they have absolutely nothing to do with this match. good game tho, im a bayern fan but thiago's 2nd goal was beautiful.

  5. Dani Monardo

    you know, barcelona actually take the piss. They get all the god players for no reason just to piss other teams off and say "you mad bro?" half of the good players there dont even play in the starting 11

  6. dinalovesgaga11

    You all hate Barcelona because they score on your favourite team. Grow some balls and respect. They're not cheaters. Maybe referee has some bad calls. But they're indeed good and amazing. Players of quality. You don't like then go fuck yourself 🙂

  7. Lame Alex

    @sstruyf89 no not really, who said im jealous? its just annoys me how people are only noticing barca now because they are doing good, barca fans are a bunch of band wagoners who obly like teams for the time they do good

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